Mittwoch, 30. April 2014

Selfie for you

New month, new sketch on Skissedilla! 

And here my page! I´ve made a layout about my huby and me. If could not be together, we send us a lot of sms on Whats App and of course, a lot of pictures! 

George Ezra - Budapest (Official Video)

Here my favorite song for you! Oh I love this song! An incredible voice!!!

Freitag, 18. April 2014

My first video and a seaweed stem of thoughts

I have got something special for you! I have made my first video! Yeah!
It´s my very first video and please be lenient with me! It´s  more an example, how  you do not have to make a video ;-)
I´m not very patient with technology… So I just give you a Link to my Vimeo place.
I´m sorry, I forgot to start my video so the background is not seen on the first video. But I´ve done a second one, where I show you my technique.

I have used:
And here is the link to the video! Enjoy it!
And the second one:

This card is an example too. I have tried to paint my roses. I have used the roses stencil and modeling paste. After drying I have used some colors to give it more dynamic. The steampunk lady fits perfect with the flourish.
I have used:
That´s a very special Art Journaling page for me. It is an expression of my thoughts and my feelings. A mess and yet so natural for me. In everyday life there is usually no time to listen to his thoughts and feelings. But at some point you have yet to hear back. And sometimes knowledge can be like a trip to hell. Or to heaven.
I have played with the number stencil, modeling paste and a lot of colors. I have painted the Seaweed stem and stamp on it. The paths of the branches / thoughts I have continued and partly written thoughts that I can supplement from time to time.
Maria_Schmidt_GP_ScrapFX_April14_720142014             Maria_Schmidt_GP_ScrapFX_April14_820142014
Maria_Schmidt_GP_ScrapFX_April14_1020142014                  Maria_Schmidt_GP_ScrapFX_April14_1320142014
I have used: