Mittwoch, 30. April 2014

Selfie for you

New month, new sketch on Skissedilla! 

And here my page! I´ve made a layout about my huby and me. If could not be together, we send us a lot of sms on Whats App and of course, a lot of pictures! 

George Ezra - Budapest (Official Video)

Here my favorite song for you! Oh I love this song! An incredible voice!!!

Freitag, 18. April 2014

My first video and a seaweed stem of thoughts

I have got something special for you! I have made my first video! Yeah!
It´s my very first video and please be lenient with me! It´s  more an example, how  you do not have to make a video ;-)
I´m not very patient with technology… So I just give you a Link to my Vimeo place.
I´m sorry, I forgot to start my video so the background is not seen on the first video. But I´ve done a second one, where I show you my technique.

I have used:
And here is the link to the video! Enjoy it!
And the second one:

This card is an example too. I have tried to paint my roses. I have used the roses stencil and modeling paste. After drying I have used some colors to give it more dynamic. The steampunk lady fits perfect with the flourish.
I have used:
That´s a very special Art Journaling page for me. It is an expression of my thoughts and my feelings. A mess and yet so natural for me. In everyday life there is usually no time to listen to his thoughts and feelings. But at some point you have yet to hear back. And sometimes knowledge can be like a trip to hell. Or to heaven.
I have played with the number stencil, modeling paste and a lot of colors. I have painted the Seaweed stem and stamp on it. The paths of the branches / thoughts I have continued and partly written thoughts that I can supplement from time to time.
Maria_Schmidt_GP_ScrapFX_April14_720142014             Maria_Schmidt_GP_ScrapFX_April14_820142014
Maria_Schmidt_GP_ScrapFX_April14_1020142014                  Maria_Schmidt_GP_ScrapFX_April14_1320142014
I have used:

Donnerstag, 6. März 2014

A little bit Steampunk and hot love

I want to share with you three layouts for Scrap FX!
The first one I have used the wonderful tree!
Oh I´m so in love with this tree and it fits perfect to my photo!
I have just painted my background with some colors and gesso, also on the tree.  Then I put some golden color on the keyholes and the clock.

I have used:
When I saw the Thermometer in my package I thought, Oh my god, what to do with it?
 I want to give it another way.
So I took this photo.
First I have sewn on the background, then put accents with red color. As below by the arrow.
The thermometer is painted in red and blue.

I have used:
I have also used:
Steampunk Love!
Normally, as you know, Steampunk is  a lot of color and all possible and impossible things.
I wanted to create a very simple and clear Steampunk layout. Take a look:

I have used:
I have also used:
and Sticker form Tim Holtz
Thanks everyone for visiting today!

Samstag, 4. Januar 2014

Everything has an End

 I hope you had a great Christmas time and a lot of love in your house.
For the christmas card it´s a little to late, but the gift bags are for the whole year :-)
I´m really glad that the 2013 comes to an end! It was a very stressful year, full of disease, grief, despair and worry.
People like to say, everything has a reason why things happen .  And I often hear me say this sentence .  But sometimes when you have no more time to think about the reasons, because everything is going much too fast, and a horror follows the other, you can not hear it ! You want only that it comes to an end .
Sure it’s always nice to scrap the good side of life. But even the bad times want their place in our memories and remind us of what we have left behind us . What we have already achieved .
This year reminds me that we are held together despite all the worries , our love has grown and how incredibly important family is! That it is important to forgive not only others, but also ourselves.
We are good, even when we make mistakes .  Parents can not be perfect.  Parents can make mistakes.  People are allowed to make mistakes. Because only from our mistakes we learn.
The steampunk heart was perfect for my layout! It symbolizes the pain and loss in my heart. One half symbolizes the heart attack of my father and my fears of losing him. The other half is for my daughter. She broke up with a very painful way of us and went to live her ​​father. The dark background represents the sorrows, disease and unrest. The photo shows that we never lose our sense of humor.

I have used:
That´s one of my christmas cards. I love to play with the Christmas word tree stamp! At first I embossed it with the green glitter Embossing powder from Tim Holtz. Than stamp with black over it.

I have used:


Theses are my two Gift bags.

Wish you all a fantastic, health, creative, successful and satisfied new year!

Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2013

Blog Hop! Scrap FX & Scrapbook Creations

Another month, another blog hop! This time Scrap FX and Scrapbook Creations have partnered up to bring you this very special chipboard Christmas celebration! But before we get onto the actual hop, let me show you this! 

What is this, you ask? THIS is the prize you could win (a pack of delicious ScrapFX goodies and a digital SC subscription), if you join in and play along. It's easy enough to be in with a chance to win-- simply comment on my post, click on the next blog in the list, comment on their blog hop post, and repeat until you've completed the entire list! (Make sure you do check out the inspiration--it's all brilliant!) (The blog hop ends next Wednesday, 11 December, at midday Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time. For my US friends this is actually a Tuesday, December 10th end date so be aware of that.) 

And this are my creations for you:

And here is the hoping List: