Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

CSI # 54

I have followed the sketch and the color scheme.
Evidence: tickets, text pattern, music pattern, mixed media background, string
Tetimony:Handwrite your journaling
I write about my daughter. How much her laughing makes me happy.


CSI is one year old, and we're spending January to celebrate this exciting milestone with all kinds of fun surprises.

Week 1 - We gave out flair for everyone! Michele made some awesome calendar cards for us. We started a birthday forum to announce special happenings. We invited our retired Detectives to come out of retirement for the month. So great having them all back!

Week 2 - Well, it's a surprise, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Week 3 - Another surprise, but you'll have to wait.

Week 4 - The best surprise of all...What's a birthday without presents? There will be lots of presents. Stay tuned for the CSI Birthday Presents Blog Hop!


  1. Das sind ja sensationelle Ideen, die du da umgesetzt hast, ein Teebeutelanhänger auf ein Lo zu integrieren, hmmm irre. Jede einzelne Kleinigkeit wurde von dir super in Szene gesetzt, einzigartig kann ich da nur sagen;-) lg aus dem angeschneiten und kalten Wien von Gerlinde

  2. What a fun layout~! I adore your textured background :D~


  3. Love everything about this sweet page! Wow!

  4. AMAZING! Love the texture and your beautiful colors.
    Gorgeous photos ;)

  5. Stunning page! I love your mixed media techinques. The textures are perfect.